Tom S Saunders M.Sc, MBPsS

Business Psychologist

Tom Saunders (MSc, MBPsS) is a practising Business Psychologist with a range of experience in training and recruitment environments.  Tom provides training to a diverse client group in the use of assistive technology, including text-to-speech, speech-to-text, mind-mapping, recording equipment and ergonomic adaptations. He has a passion for combining his knowledge of psychological disabilities with expertise in assistive technology, and has experience of training within the workplace and in academia. Tom also works on a pro bono basis for a charity where he coordinates assistance to help meet elderly and disabled individuals’ technology needs.

Having achieved two first-class degrees, including a master’s in occupational psychology, he is always seeking opportunities to broaden his expertise within this field and related disciplines, and is currently working towards chartered status with the British Psychological Society. His research projects have been published in scientific journals and presented at a professional conferences.

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