Dyslexia Services for the Workplace

Many dyslexics are highly talented and the world of work is beginning to recognise the benefits that employing people who think outside of the box can bring.   People with dyslexia and dyspraxia are often strategic thinkers.   They see the big picture and they are creative. They can link abstract ideas and it is said that they can see “the whole and then the sum of the parts”. Most people are linear thinkers; they see the parts and then make the whole”. Just imagine the benefits such thinkers could bring to your company if properly leveraged.

However, it is also true that dyslexic and dyspraxic have difficulties with aspects of the workplace. For example, they may have weak working memory, poor organisation skills. They find it harder than others to express their ideas in writing and their work often contains technical inaccuracies.   Gaining a better understanding of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses via a cognitive assessment is the first step.

We also help employers to put in place simple adjustments to help overcome these difficulties and help the employee to realise their full potential and so become even more productive. Employers have obligations under the Equalities Act to provide reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities; this includes learning differences as well as physical disabilities. We can help you meet your obligations.

There are many famous dyslexics out there and their talent is immense and recognised worldwide. Take a look at this YouTube clip to find out more about the power of dyslexia and famous dyslexics:

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