I suspected my son Ralph had dyslexia, and a friend referred me to Maz.

I explained to Ralph that he would be assessed to determine if his struggles with maths were due to dyslexia.  Ralph was very apprehensive about meeting Maz and being assessed, but when I explained this to Maz, he suggested strategies to help put Ralph’s mind at ease.  By the time Ralph met Maz in person, he was relaxed and prepared for his assessment.

Maz has been very professional throughout, from the initial consultation to finalising Ralph’s report.  He explained his findings to Ralph in an age-appropriate manner that helped Ralph understand why he was struggling and what he needed to do to help himself.

Since Ralph’s assessment, he has gained a better understanding of his learning profile and has been making significant efforts in listening and completing his homework.  Recently, he had to summarise a book review and used a mind map to help him.  Initially, he started to panic and struggle with the writing, but when I pointed to his notes on the mind map, he calmed down and wrote a whole paragraph.  He was very proud of himself for accomplishing this independently.  He asked me a couple of times how to spell something, but I encouraged him to write first, and we addressed spelling afterward.  We then discussed compiling a list of words he could keep on his desk to aid his writing.

These strategies, which Maz suggested, have already helped Ralph feel more at ease with his studies. I am meeting with the school to discuss his IEP and am grateful that they too will have an understanding of Ralph’s learning profile, strengths, and weaknesses.  The recommendations and resources Maz suggested to Ralph, myself, and the school will no doubt get Ralph back on track.

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into Ralph’s assessment and for your recommendations and advice going forward.  We will implement more of your ideas, and the support you have provided will not be wasted on him.

Jem Djelal | Parent

Dr Mohamedali made the whole process of assessment really accessible and easy for our daughter and the family.  He immediately put our G at ease and explained all elements of the process in such a way that I felt she was able to be as natural and true to herself as possible.  G really liked him and felt that she was understood and that he was very kind and patient with her.  From our point of view, Dr Mohamedali was very approachable and his report was incredibly detailed and useful.  Not only was the diagnosis thorough and really clearly explained, but there were so many helpful recommendations and tips and ideas that made us feel less overwhelmed by the dyslexia diagnosis and more able to tackle the challenges ahead for G.

Alison Watts | Parent

We realised we needed to get assistance for one of our children, to address some educational challenges, and About Dyslexia was suggested to us.

We made an appointment with Maz, who was able to accommodate us at short notice, thanks to a cancellation. He explained what he explained the assessment process, very clearly and accurately.

Our child had an online assessment and a face-to-face assessment with Maz. We were available throughout if our child needed us.

After the assessments, Maz gave a detailed and thorough review of his findings, which clearly explained the cause of our child’s educational challenges.

He made some very helpful recommendations, and provided a written report which set out all that was discussed.

This was the key turning point for us in addressing our child’s issues, the causes and identifying the way ahead.

We are so grateful to Maz and would highly recommend him and About Dyslexia.

Paul and Sarah Godwin | Parents

Maz has provided invaluable support to both of my children. From the initial introductory call, through to the final detailed report, Maz is kind, efficient and incredibly insightful. His calmness helps everyone feel at ease and this enables Maz to gain a genuine insight into a persons ability.

The reports produced are detailed, comprehensive and in our experience have helped provide both us as parents and the school with clear guidance and recommendations. Maz has been fantastic with both my boys and I would not hesitate to recommend his services

Matthew Sanders | Parent

I contacted Maz on recommendation.  My teenage daughter was feeling that she was struggling in her exams despite her results being good.  We couldn’t quite understand what was going on for her.

From the first conversation with Maz I felt that we would get to the bottom of any issue. What I really appreciated was that Maz was super organised.  He collected all the data that he needed quickly and thoroughly and put together all the pieces to give us a full picture. He didn’t leave any stone unturned.

Even though the outcome was not what we were expecting he explained everything to both of us sensitively but honestly. His report was really excellent, readable and comprehensive and has equipped both the school and ourselves with the information that we need to help my daughter succeed.

Anna Hicks | Parent

I was given Dr Maz’s details by Anita Jackson, an educational psychologist.  She suggested that Maz would be a good person to see my grandson aged 13.  The Assessment took place in November 2023.

Dr Maz has such empathy and took such care to go into great depth to get the best all-round assessment of our grandson’s potential (VRI score average not a write-off as we had been led to believe for years).  The assessment also confirmed, along with the belated diagnosis of ADD (combined) by CAMHS, extremely low on working memory, processing etc as well as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia plus anxiety – all of which we have suspected our grandson has suffered from for years.

I only wish I had contacted Dr Jackson earlier to get this recommendation as, at nearly 14 years old without any specialist teaching to date, and a late EHCP just before Secondary, I do feel we and the LEA have let down our grandson badly.  Dr Jackson’s recommendation to go to Dr Maz Mohamedali was definitely the right call.

Dr Maz established a very good rapport with our grandson, encouraged him and challenged skilfully so that he obtained the fullest assessment possible.  Dr Maz gained total cooperation for the long time it took, with our grandson happily focusing despite ADD, the whole way through.

Dr Maz’ feedback was sympathetic, explained fully, whilst encouraging our grandson and his mother, who also sat in on the feedback, even when some of the results were hard to take.  A consummate professional throughout, I thought Dr Maz’s whole approach to preparation, carefully checked with me by zoom, the assessment (which I was not party to, but our grandson was really happy to have done, whereas reluctant before), and feedback was expert, empathetic and encouraging.

Dr Maz was excellent, and his report was comprehensive, written for several different audiences to give full background, context, explanation and test results plus deep insights and observations.  As we will probably need to go to Tribunal now, I was delighted to see that Dr Maz’s report also covers all the aspects of an Expert Report – for which we were in his hands, not fully knowing enough about the process to come, and which he has fulfilled as well.

The outcome from this assessment will hopefully enable us to obtain the right help for our grandson.  It has helped us understand at last how to support our grandson properly for his different learning difficulties.

Tina Osborne | Grandmother

I contacted Maz regarding a dyslexia assessment for my seventeen year old son. Before the assessment Maz took time to discuss my concerns and what I hoped to achieve from a dyslexia assessment.

A broad range of questions were asked and answered by my son, myself and school. Maz analysed these and where necessary requested further information.

I felt that Maz was gaining a good understanding of my son in order to target the assessment in the correct place. The assessment took place online and face to face, Maz’s instructions were clear and he listened carefully to my son.

The feedback session after the assessment had taken place was extremely helpful, it highlighted the areas of learning that my son finds difficult which enabled Maz to explain why certain approaches to learning are difficult for my son. Maz provided some very useful strategies to assist my son with his A level revision and I am hopeful that this greater knowledge will assist in my son changing his mind set to learning. We were able to discuss how the written report can be used to enable the correct support is in place at school and ongoing into university.

If you have concerns that your child may have dyslexia, I would highly recommend Maz.

Fiona Wright | Parent

I wanted the assessment because my previous assessment at the age of 7 years did not qualify for reasonable adjustments with the ACCA professional accounting body.

I highly recommend Maz, he is very professional, and I had an excellent experience with Maz being able to fit my appointment in at short notice ready for my exam a couple of weeks later.

The instructions for the test were very clear and easily understandable. The remote process of completing the assessment was very well thought through. The feedback I received in my report, written only in a couple of days was excellent and very clearly detailed my issues with Dyslexia.

My manager found the explanation of Dyslexia very useful as she hasn’t worked with someone who has Dyslexia before. The report clearly outlines my requirements for my exams and job.

Maxim Georgiou | EMEA Tax and Treasury Trainee Accountant , CooperCompanies

I was looking for an assessment having struggled all my life in school and not been taken seriously by staff that worked with me. I chose Maz after chatting with him on the phone briefly, as he was very friendly and quickly made me feel comfortable to discuss the problems I was having.

During the assessment, Maz was very organised, reassuring and made the process feel smooth and easy to follow. This was particularly helpful as I am autistic, and I felt that I was taken through the assessment in a way that was clear and easy for me to understand. I felt the assessment tested a wide variety of my skills and efficiently showed any difficulties I have. I was particularly worried about this before my assessment, as my verbal skills often mask the difficulties I have, but Maz picked up on my difficulties in detail and with understanding, and diagnosed me with Dyslexia.

I am extremely happy with the assessment and report and would recommend Maz to anybody.

Lauren Taylor | Post Graduate Student & Teaching Assistant (SEN)

In my experience, Maz was excellent: very professional, kind and patient. I felt understood and supported all throughout the process. His analysis and advice were extremely helpful and reassuring. Everything he found from the assessment I undertook resonated a lot with me and helped me understand myself better.  I am very grateful for all the work he has put into helping me with my concerns.

Francesca | University Student

Maz was recommended to me by my sons school who excel in support for special education needs, so I knew we were in safe hands. Our son had started University and quickly realised that he would not get Word Processing support in his exams, that he had had for his GCSE and A levels, without having a full Diagnostic Assessment from an expert. It was crucial that he had this support as he would have under performed in his exams as his writing has always been poor, in fact quite illegible.

Maz was most efficient and organised when doing the assessment by phone/Zoom and the whole process was efficient and seamless. The diagnosis was Dyspraxia and our son is now going through the process with the Disability Dept at his University to get Word Processing support in exams and applying for a Disability allowance. This support will be most beneficial to his studies and we as a family are beyond appreciative for Maz’s support and would highly recommend him accordingly. Thank you Maz!

Elizabeth Barker | Parent

I found Maz online when looking for someone to provide an assessment for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia for my 10-year-old son.  After speaking to Maz on the phone we made an appointment which was broken down into two sessions, so it was not too much for my son to cope with.  We had one on zoom and one in person. Maz was very good with my son and made him feel at ease. He made the process easy for him to cope with.

As well as diagnosing Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, Maz established that my son was Dyscalculic, and he also showed some signs of ADHD.  He provided us with a very detailed report which has been extremely helpful with lots of recommendations.  My son’s school are also very impressed with the report, and it has enabled us to start the process of applying for an EHCP.  Something we would not have been able to do without his diagnosis.


I am very grateful to Maz and would recommend him to anyone looking for an assessment

Sharon Rees | Parent

As an adult I knew I had aspects that caused me problems in school life and made various scenarios in my work environment difficult but was never diagnosed as a child.

I was very lucky that I managed to find Maz who carried out my assessment and provided a diagnosis. The detail and experience was excellent, it really gave absolute clarity on my difficulties, whilst also highlighting areas I was strong in and highlighted exactly why I struggled in education. It also highlighted how I have been successful in business and I understood fully why and how I carry out work the way I do.

The report and details within the report are in depth and of great help with not only a diagnoses but also help, links and tools to help me going forward. It gave me tools and understanding. Understanding how my brain operates and why I do certain things is absolutely vital in my working life.

I cannot recommend Maz highly enough his care, attention to details, and goes beyond what I expected.

Gavin Rees | Managing Director, AVR Mobiles

Maz has such a friendly, professional and thorough approach to educational assessment. He was able to accommodate our timeline, work with my son’s school to gather all the information he needed from the teachers and provided such a high quality service.

My son is in the first year of International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. The assessment was done via Zoom. Maz has sent us the documents needed and ran through how the day will go beforehand which made us feel more comfortable on the day. On the assessment day, he, initially, spent time with me and my son to gather more information about him and  guide us through the assessment process.

He has produced a detailed, thorough, initial report, immediately after the test, and shared his results with us. He was able to explain to us in detail his findings, with visual presentation which made it easier to understand and included his recommendations to enable my son achieve his best during exams, classroom setting or while he is revising. He made us feel comfortable to ask any questions. He was even able to answer our questions about how different Universities accommodate students with Dyslexia. We would strongly recommend Maz.

Asli Hodzic | Parent of a student studying for International Baccalaureate Diploma

Maz was recommended to us by a colleague at work.  We spoke to him about the problems our daughter was experiencing and asked if he could help.

We were lucky to get a cancellation slot and within a month Maz provided us with a comprehensive report which confirmed a diagnosis of Dyslexia and suggested further investigation into sensory processing disorder.

As parents we felt a huge relief, we were finally able to identify specific learning difficulties and sensory traits our daughter was struggling with.

The report is only the first part of our journey, but the assessment has provided us with a better understanding of how we can begin to help our daughter blossom, develop strategies and understand how she learns best. This will give her the best opportunity to strive and work towards all her aspirations.

We truly, cannot thank Maz enough for his professionalism, kind and sensitive approach to our daughter.

| Sarah Martins, Mother

Before this assessment, I had realised my experience as a student seemed to be different from my peers. I would regularly compare my academic achievements to friends or top students that I looked up to and find that I wasn’t the same somehow.

I had always known something was different in my learning when compared to other students, which I finally investigated in my second year of the International Baccalaureate program. Once I started the process, it was wonderful. I had been referred to Dr Mohamedali through my school, and from then his responses were always quick, professional, and very helpful.

Before the appointment, we had the chance to meet over Zoom to take some history, refer to some paperwork that was filled, and just meet in general. He was very welcoming and friendly, and after our meetings any worry that I had about the assessment seemed to fade away.

On the day of the assessment in person, we were all very excited. We arrived to a very professional and comfortable office / home, and started the assessment.

Even during the process, Dr Mohamedali was very clear during each task, and explained instructions clearly.

Once the assessment was finished, we were able to hear the results, as well as look at the draft of his report. Not only was he able to give the diagnosis in a very kind manner, he also welcomed us to stay and deeply discuss what this means in terms of new changes in my education, (such as extra time and other accommodations) and talk us through this very sudden change in our lives.

I would highly recommend working with Dr Mohamedali for any of your or your child’s needs. He is very professional as well as kind, and truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you Maz!

Brooke McMenamy | International Baccalaureate Student

We came to Maz through a referral from my daughter’s school where she is currently in her second year of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.  She has always loved going to school and learning, although school has never been easy for her.  She’s had to work hard every year to make passing grades.  She never wanted to be tested for a learning difficulty until now as it became harder and harder for her to keep her head above water with the amount of studying, testing and writing that was required.  She reached out to her school’s learning support teacher, who recommended she be assessed by Maz.  Maz was incredibly helpful in getting an appointment scheduled quickly.  He was able to gather the information from my daughter and her teachers via questionnaires in order to organize the necessary tests and assessments.  Maz met with my daughter before the in-person assessment via Zoom to get to know her.  This meeting made her more comfortable on the day of the assessment since he had walked her through the schedule and what to expect.

Maz sat down with me and my daughter after her assessment to go over her results.  He was incredibly professional and was able to deliver the information in a kind and meaningful manner.  Maz was able to see things about my daughter that I had tried to explain to her teachers every single year of her school career, put a name to them and explain to me why she had been dealing with these issues.  He was able to put a “Name to the Face” for us.  It truly was a breakthrough experience for our daughter and has helped our family breathe a sigh of relief.  We are truly grateful for Maz’s kindness and expertise.


Jennifer McMenamy | Parent

To discover your child has dyslexia is a shock, maybe a disappointment, maybe a relief but it is the end of a confusing path for a parent and child.  Maz was recommended to me by a friend who had previously used his services.

The assessment was tough and emotional for my daughter, but he listened and communicated with her in such a relaxing, professional and supportive way.  The process was so calm, and he created an atmosphere which my daughter felt part of and not just a person being assessed.  The results were written as if he had spent days with her and the findings and recommendations were amazing.  We did have to analyse if we could afford the cost, but I now have a document which will firstly give my daughter an understanding and explanation for her struggles and secondly a guide for her school to support her.  Someone said to me if your car was not functioning right, you would get it diagnosed and repaired and the bill would be expensive, but you would pay it.  So, to do it for my daughter is value for money.

Maz for me was a light at the end of the tunnel. He has articulated and documented a report which has captured my daughter’s dyslexia and given recommendations that will help her for life.

Thank you Maz for listening to our concerns, knowing the best way forward, and supporting lsabelle. Thank you

Bridget Champney | Parent

My daughter (aged 12) had been struggling at school with headaches and concentration so I asked Maz to assess her to see if there might be an underlying difficulty. Since the assessment was carried out during lockdown, everything was done on Zoom but that didn’t cause any issues.  My daughter said she thought Maz was really friendly and he was very understanding especially as it was online, and he clarified anything whish she hadn’t understood.  She said that if she had been nervous about the assessments (which she wasn’t) Maz would quickly have put her at ease.

From a parent’s point of view, all contact with Maz was great, from emails to phone calls to the final feedback on Zoom. The report itself was very comprehensive and Maz was also available afterwards to run me through it and take any questions. So, all in all, a great experience end to end for both me as the parent and my daughter.

James Chenery | Parent

Hi Maz,

Just to keep you updated, I have worked through this report with L (read and explained) and she is very thankful for all the effort and considerations you have included.

I think L absolutely feels a sense of relief to hear a professional outline the help he may call upon moving forward in her life.

I am going to help her forward this report on to the people she would like to have access to.

Maz, from myself- thank you again for your extensive efforts- I wish you were here to see the relief/smile on her face

Chantelle Nolte | Learning an Development Officer, Hertfordshire County Council

Maz was approached by my firm due to the high regard he has in this field. Obviously he has multiple qualifications, but what really stood out was how down to earth, approachable and easy going Maz was during the whole assessment process where he was always keen for both parties to be as open and transparent as possible. This definitely settled the nerves and enabled the most accurate results of the day to be achieved.

Following the thorough assessment, Maz provided a detailed summary of his diagnosis relating the SpLD to my working tendencies which I found astonishing. Though this diagnosis came as a shock, with Maz’s support I was able implement sufficient strategies and alternative arrangements to improve the quality of work in the workplace and to provide a better platform to be able to excel in the professional accounting exams.

I can’t speak highly enough of Maz and would recommend anyone to see him if they have any concerns relating to dyslexia.

Lee | Financial Services Assurance

We want to thank Maz for producing such a detailed and informative report on our daughter and helping us all understand the difficulties she has been experiencing better.

Despite the short time frame we had in which to get the assessments done and the constraints put on him by Covid, he provided a full service, with remote and face to face assessments, immediate feedback and advice and a written report two days later, which was amazing and greatly appreciated.

The report, apart from providing a clear picture of our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses, points us to numerous resources that we can now investigate, in order to help make life easier for her in the future.

Maz provided a highly professional service, we found him extremely personable, responsive and flexible and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Charlotte Hume | Parent

Firstly, thank you Maz for helping my son when he was having difficulties, he always sang your praises when we picked him up after the assessments. And it was due to his high praise and recommendation that I came to you for my own personal assessment.

I was having difficulty with my working memory, spelling and poor reading comprehension where I had to re-read text several times.  And, as a 51-year-old who came from a type of schooling where dyslexia was not really recognised as it is today. When I was in secondary school I was taken out of the mainstream and placed into remedial class’ and often felt like I was, for want of a better word, “Stupid” at school. Maz you have helped me understand that I was indeed not “Stupid”, and I thank you for that. In addition to your assessment, I now have some fantastic tools to help me with the challenges that I was facing.

The assessment was dealt with in a Covid safe environment and your understanding of the challenges I faced made me feel like I was in safe hands. I now find myself in the same situation as my son in highly recommending you.

Once again thank you Maz

Andrew Barnes | IT Trainer and Business Owner

Dear Maz

I wanted to say a big thank you from our family for all the help and guidance you have provided as part of Ty’s assessment process. When we came to visit you your professional, calm and caring approach helped massively with reassuring Ty in unravelling his  concerns around Dyslexia.

The whole experience of working through the process with you was so enlightening and the way in which you struck up a rapport with us helped enormously.

I am really grateful for receiving your final written assessment on Ty, I can see from  the amount of time and effort you spent preparing the report , the level of detail and the quality of your recommendations this was absolutely the engagement we had hoped for when we made contact with you.

Ty is making excellent progress with the techniques you explained to him for managing his reading and timing challenges and is now looking forward to University next year.

Thank you so much


Tyrone Granger | Wenjun Granger, mother

Dear Maz

Pavlina and I would like to thank you for carrying out the assessment on our daughter Nadja Anastasia Forrest.

We were recommended to contact you by her school, Richard Hale school Hertford and have been so impressed with the way the assessment has been performed. We appreciate that the timescales were very tight and you went above and beyond to ensure the assessment would be completed in time.

From start to finish you have been so caring and professional. Explaining what is required, why and how each stage is going to be performed. Your approach and manner are very patient, sensitive and calm and Nadja felt very much at ease during the sessions with you.

This  approach has allowed you to gain an understanding very quickly and build trust  and openness from Nadja. The executive summary and detailed report are very accurate and  meaningful reflections of her profile in a short period of time. We found the session where you ran through your observation and recommendations really positive and you gave clarity to Nadja.

Thank you so much for all your help.


Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest | Parent

Dear Dr Maz,

We thought you might be interested in an update on our son. You diagnosed him as dyslexic and dyspraxia in Year 9. Ever since you explained to him why he was finding difficulties with his work and suggested how he might overcome these he has thrived. Since then he has gone on to achieve A and A* in 10 GCSE’s and recently achieved 2A* and an A in his A levels. As you can imagine we were all delighted.

We asked you to assess him again recently in order to prepare a report for university. It might interest you to know that when he took this report to his DSA interview (in order to see what help he might be able to access at university) the person reading your report kept commenting on how she had never seen a better or more comprehensive report. Praise that we feel is most deserved.

Once again thank you for enabling our son to reach his potential and shine. We would wholeheartedly recommend you.

Many Thanks

Julian Kearney

Julian Kearney (Update) | Julian Kearney (Parent)

Dear Maz,

I wanted to write to say thank you for the work you did with Alice yesterday. She was apprehensive about the day but your calm and welcoming manner put her immediately at ease. I found your methods of getting to the root of Alice’s difficulties to be very helpful and informative and I was very pleased to see how well she related to the materials you provided for working out fractions.

I am not at all surprised about your recognition of how much her anxiety around maths is impacting upon her learning. As a parent, it is hard to see your child so agitated and upset about something which she knows she has to do every day. However, I am pleased to report that something of what you said about ‘mindfulness’ definitely resonated with Alice as she was much more open to doing some regular mindfulness exercises with me. What you said about being able to step outside of yourself and recognise your emotions was extremely helpful and I think that if we can work on this at home, it may provide the key for Alice in moving forward with her studies.

I look forward to receiving your report.

Best wishes,


Catriona Dooley | Mother

Isabel has just completed the first year of a Politics and Economics BSc at Cardiff University.

She gained ABC in her A Levels. She was a little disappointed with the C in History but Cardiff was her first choice so she was thrilled with that. She applied to the university for support with the dyslexia using your report for her application. After an assessment arranged by the university at Hitchin College she was offered 25% extra exam time, specialist software on her laptop along with instruction in its use, and an hour a week with a dyslexia tutor. She was also offered extra time for assignments but she felt that this would hinder not help her as she would just leave starting her assignments later. The extra time in the exams is what she feels she most needs and benefits from because she nearly always needs this time to finish the papers. Most of her assignments and exam grades have been good although the comments on one essay from the lecturer indicate that she could still work on her essay construction: the lecturer expressed frustration that he couldn’t mark the essay higher because although the knowledge and understanding of the topic was obvious the essay was poorly written.

She is thoroughly enjoying university life, both her studies and the sporting and social aspects! She has a job in a hotel in Cardiff when she is there and when she is at home works at Fanhams Hall and as a domestic cleaner. She has already been to Gozo and Cyprus this month and will be off inter-railing through Europe in July.

So you can see as a result of getting her the help with the dyslexia that she needed when we came to see you she was able to gain the university place she wanted and is living life to the full.

Karen Wing | Mother

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to report back to you that Felix has made incredible improvements in such a short time since his dyslexia/ADD diagnoses in October.  I instantly saw a happier and more enthusiastic young man. Getting up and going to school is no longer a battle. The whole house is calmer!   School have offered him lots of support and implemented your recommendations ( apart from laptop that is still pending approval). He now feels so much more understood and comfortable asking for help.

I was so so proud to have received a letter from his Headmaster praising Felix for his excellent english essay on Great Expectations. He also received a star student award yesterday for his attitude to learning.   Wow!

Thank you for everything you have done.  You have undoubtedly changed his life – and I am so proud of him.

Thank you very much!

Chloe Beckett | Parent

We cannot thank you enough firstly for listening and then affording us an appointment, and also for giving us the time to express our concerns to you.  I am sure you better understand the frustrations we have had over many years, seeking some understanding as to why Lucy has difficulties that she and we see but “others” do not or choose not to.

Your approach in accessing and understanding Lucy has confirmed what we suspected beyond doubt and finally we have an understanding and a way to enable Lucy, should she choose to do so to, move forward and progress.  Lucy took time to read the report herself before showing it to anyone else.  I asked how she felt and she responded, “Good, I’m not just dumb then,” and laughed!  No parent could ask for more than their child to feel understood and valued and as hard as it may have been, this is all i asked as you know from our initial contact.

Thank you so very much for the sensitive and understandable manner in which you gave us your summary; although we were not necessarily prepared for all your findings, they all made perfect sense. and were all too recognizable in Lucy. We are, as you can appreciate, all the more proud of all her achievements and for maintaining her good nature and resolve to do her best despite the many challenges and obstacles she has faced whilst in Education.

Lucy is currently on a four week induction at the Accident and Emergency Department of a local Hospital.  She “panicked when she was presented with a folder of coursework to learn; however, she now fully appreciates the importance of having her difficulties formally recognized.   Lucy has been empowered by having a professional diagnosis which she can present to the relevant people.  It allows for small adjustments to be made to support her learning of the new skills that she must acquire.  Lucy is enjoying her new role.  She’s holding her own with 11 hr days of learning and embracing the practical side. Lucy knows she is no longer “alone” with her difficulties and she no longer worries about explaining how she “doesn’t get it”  What a joy and relief to know that has finally happened for her, and for those of us around her.

We know it may not always be the case and it’s a long road ahead, but we are a million miles further down the road than we were before your help.

Ruth Lashley & Lucy Lashley | Mother and Trainee Nurse

I was always aware that I was a slow reader and it was hard for me to take in information when reading.  As I was planning to undertake post graduate study, I became very concerned that my difficulties with reading and spelling would have a deleterious effect on my studies.

When I was in Year 9, my English teacher mentioned that she could see signs of dyslexia in my essays but I was not offered a formal assessment.  However, as an adult I felt the need to better understand my learning profile and that is why I came forward for an assessment.

I would like to thank you for doing my assessment and the support you gave me.

I have now completed my 1st year at uni, having passed both my essays and assessments, I have been offered a place on the MA in Child Psychotherapy and Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Child Counselling course.

I have decided to go the Diploma route and possibly build on to the MA in future if I feel it’s necessary.

Thanks to you and your support I was able to begin my journey of seeking different supportive resources, which has helped me to be in the position I am today.

I cannot thank you enough as my dyslexia has been and still is a huge part of my therapeutic journey; as I grow each day to learn more and more about myself, I continue to ground myself so I can then feel and be in a good place to be able to emotionally facilitate others.

Thank you very much for all you have done.

Janelle Joseph | Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Postgraduate Student

Although I’ve always been very good at dealing with people and getting them to talk to me, I’ve struggled with reading, spelling and writing for most of my life.  At school my difficulties were not recognised so I just did my best to muddle through.  When I started working, I did well because my people skills enabled me to progress.  However, promotion often involved doing more paperwork and this continued to cause me problems.

My current job is with Safer Places, a charitable organisation that supports victims of domestic abuse.  I originally joined the organisation as a volunteer, but my role has grown and so I am required to do more administrative work; in other words, more writing.

I was given the opportunity to have an assessment to find out what might be causing my difficulties. I was referred to About-Dyslexia and specifically to Maz.  He asked me to fill in some questionnaires and then he came to see me at work.  We spent half a day doing the assessment and at the end of the process he explained that I was dyslexic and dyspraxic.

Maz was very helpful.  At the start of the assessment I was feeling very anxious because I didn’t know what to expect from the assessment, but Maz put me at ease., He explained everything to me and he gave me clear instructions before each task.    We worked for about 3 hours and at the end Maz explained my condition.

Maz was able to advise me on where to go for more help and what I could do to help myself as well. I am now able to get the help I need, to work more confidently and to prosper in my role.  I’m getting great support from my organisation and adapting to new ways of working.  I’m also using assistive software which allows me to work more independently, without having to ask my colleagues to proof read my letters and emails.  I feel so much more confident than before and I’m looking forward to a brighter future.

Tracey Woods | Client Support Practitioner, Safer Places

I always found academia very difficult and I always worked harder than other students yet I only achieved mediocre results.

Over the past few years I decided that I wanted to study medicine but to do this I would need to pass GCSE English.  I learned more about dyslexia when I met a mature student who was on the same English course as me.  She was dyslexic and she told me about dyslexia.  As she described the signs dyslexia to me, I realised that I shared many of the characteristics.  For example, I needed to read text at least twice to understand it and my reading was much slower than my peers.  My short term memory is very bad, and I need to concentrate much more than others to understand what is being taught.  I am heavily reliant on spell checker when I’m writing something so I tend to use computers more than others

As I had made the decision to study medicine, I thought I should get tested as medicine is an intense programme and I needed to find ways of overcoming my dyslexia in order to succeed.  I wanted to get help and support to improve my skills and I needed extra time in exams to demonstrate my knowledge.  I’ve also learned that there is financial support available towards the cost of equipment and tuition that will aid learning and help me to succeed.

I looked online and found About Dyslexia which looked like a very professional organisation.  I also chose About Dyslexia because I wanted the assessment to be done by a psychologist as they have access to tests that others cannot use.

It was very easy to make an appointment to get tested.  Dr Maz Mohamedali (the psychologist) was flexible with dates and accommodated my needs.

On the day of my assessment I was met by Maz.  He was very friendly and welcoming and he had organised the details such a parking space.  We started the assessment and he was very thoughtful from the start; for example, he explained I could take breaks if I needed to.  He was very thorough and from the start I felt confident that he was highly professional and he knew what he was doing.

We went through the assessment with breaks in between.  The assessment took around 4-5 hours.  At the end of the assessment we went through my results and Maz explained why they confirmed I was dyslexic.  He went through all the points with me.  He described the help and support I could get at work or at university.  He also re-assured me about my abilities and explained that the diagnosis would not hinder my chances of studying medicine.

I asked Maz if he could write the report for me within the week.  He didn’t promise me he could, but he said he would do his best.  Few days later I received an email from Maz with the completed report.  It was more than 30 pages long, and all of it had been written for me.  It was not a templated report like some of the ones I had seen before.

All in all, I’m very happy with Maz and would recommend anyone going to him for an assessment.  He cares deeply about what he does and he is a professional.

Thank you Maz

Ali Nariman | Paramedic / medical student

Dear Maz,

Thank you so much for all your help last year. We wanted to share some good news!

Harry has achieved two A stars at A-level, and has been given a place on his first choice course. He will be studying joint honours Politics and Philosophy at Sussex, and he is over the moon. He loved the course and campus but wasn’t sure he had a chance.

The assessment process and diagnosis really helped Harry by identifying, at the age of almost 17, various difficulties that he had lived with for years but had not previously understood.  Your input gave him the confidence and understanding to work really hard and to discover alternative study methods that would help him to succeed.

We used the assessment report to apply for Disabled Students’ allowance (DSA). The DSA assessment went really well and he is going to be given a lot of support at university – they seem to be well set up for his dyspraxia needs.

Once again, thank you. We are immensely grateful, and would wholeheartedly recommend your services to others.

Janette and Richard Earney | Parents

Our son, Mitch, started to struggle in the build up to his GCSE’s.  His acclaimed independent school assessed him as intelligent but suggested he was not “applying himself” adequately to his studies.  To us, the school’s conclusion was clearly wrong.  Moreover, the school’s attitude was alienating Mitch from his studies and damaging his confidence.

One of Mitch’s more perceptive teachers suggested that he may be encountering learning challenges.  We identified Maz as a leader in this field and arranged an appointment.  Maz was excellent – he immediately put Mitch at ease and, following an extensive assessment, he was able to diagnose dyslexia and dyspraxia.  He provided us with an extensive, detailed and clear report which we were able to use to secure Access Arrangements for Mitch.

The assessment Maz provided gave us and, more importantly, Mitch, the information and guidance we needed to make his study choices effectively and with confidence.  This summer, Mitch graduated with a first class honours degree and a Chancellor’s commendation from his university.

Our younger daughter has subsequently suffered similar problems.  With Maz’s excellent ongoing support, she is overcoming her challenges, and pursuing her degree at a leading US university.

Chris and Sue Forsyth | Parents

After enjoying a successful career in IT, I decided that it was time for a change so I re-trained as a Financial Advisor.  This required me to take professional examinations which I found a struggle.

I received tutoring from a fellow professional who couldn’t understand why I was unable to pass a certain exam, despite demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the subject.  He asked if I had ever been tested for dyslexia and this prompted me to contact a number of professionals.

After making initial enquiries I chose Dr Maz Mohamedali from About Dyslexia as he was clearly the most competent and showed the most understanding of my situation.  His assessment highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and he helped me to understand how to leverage my full potential.  I had already developed some compensatory strategies, for working around my areas of weakness, but I wasn’t fully aware that I was doing this.  The assessment helped me to make sense of what I was doing and to understand why some things seemed harder than they should.  Maz advised me on methods and ways to adapt my learning style which I immediately applied to my studies and the results have been amazing; I passed my exam on the next attempt!  I now feel that my potential has been unlocked.

Thank you Maz.

Mark Williams | Financial Advisor

My 15 year old daughter was recently seen by a consultant paediatrician who suspected that she might have specific learning difficulties.  The consultant suggested that I should get a formal assessment.

I did some research and discovered that such assessments were provided by About Dyslexia.  I took my daughter to see Dr Maz Mohamedali, a psychologist based in Hertford.  Maz did an assessment which was extremely thorough but he was also very considerate about my daughter’s feelings as he understood that the diagnosis was a bit of a shock for her. We both felt very comfortable with Maz; he has a very gentle way about him which makes you feel at ease.

Following the assessment, Maz wrote a comprehensive report which we sent to our daughter’s school.  Unfortunately, the school were initially reluctant to recognise my daughter’s difficulties and unwilling to help.  Maz went above and beyond by contacting the school and talking to the relevant staff to make them understand my daughter’s needs.  He arranged to visit the school and to offer them support and advice on how to manage applications for exam arrangements.  His intervention secured the Access Arrangements my daughter will need to perform at her best in her GCSEs.

He is very helpful and puts himself out to help and provide advice for his clients.  If you need to get an assessment, we would highly recommend Maz and About Dyslexia.

Lisa Mather | Parent

Having struggled for most of my life with coordination problems, being clumsy, concentration, remembering things, and knowing that my brain somehow works in a different way to a lot of others, it has been a real blessing to finally get some answers to these difficulties. Although I have managed in life, I always felt I had to work much harder than others to do normal everyday tasks and find this exhausting. I can be obsessive about things such as appointments and schedules as this helps my life run smoother. In addition, I find writing difficult and organising my thoughts. I also tend to procrastinate a lot because of these difficulties.

In hindsight, I think that going to dance classes when I was younger and swimming have helped to some extent with coordination but I didn’t know this at the time.

Because I studied a lot on various courses since leaving school, and had a career where a great deal of admin is required, my difficulties went largely unnoticed as I just accepted this was how life was.  However, since coming to study full-time in Cambridge where the expectations, routines, and academic conventions are different, the problems which I experience have been brought much more to the fore. Fortunately, the tutor at college who deals with specific learning difficulties referred me to the study support teacher, and this ultimately resulted in a referral to Maz for a proper assessment.

From my first contact with Maz, I found him helpful, attentive, knowledgeable and insightful. His warmth, care and kindness combined with professional approach throughout communications and then particularly during the assessment itself enabled me to feel that I was being taken seriously and so felt at ease, relaxed and secure. I was able to trust him with these personal difficulties, and together we worked at exploring them. I was provided with some immediate feedback, information and explanations, and this was followed up with a comprehensive report which reflects accurately my strengths as well as my difficulties, and offers advice and recommendations.

I am really thankful and grateful to Maz as I am now able to access appropriate support, software and other resources to help not only with my studies, but with the whole of the rest of my life. I finally have some reasons as to why I’ve had these struggles and feel much more positive for the future and confident in my strengths and abilities.

My advice would be don’t continue to struggle indefinitely, seek help early, and take it from there.

Maz, you’re amazing!

Claire Todd | Theology Student / Ordinand

Maz gave me some very useful advice concerning my 15 year old son’s dyspraxia. He was able to explain my son’s condition in a way that avoided psychologists’ jargon. This enabled me to understand much better the progress, and difficulties, which my son is experiencing at school. Maz also suggested ways in which we would be able to support my son in his learning through his GCSEs and beyond. Maz’s explanation of how his issues would manifest themselves was very clear, professional and friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others

Adam Greaves | Parent

We are very thankful we contacted Dr Maz as doing so has enabled our son to finally realise his true potential.

Our son has always been a confident, outgoing, young man with a wide circle of friends. He coped well with the demands of the first two years of secondary school.  However, by his third year the work became more demanding and he found it harder to do well.  The picture was confusing because although he was doing well in class, he was struggling to replicate this performance in timed tests.  This made him frustrated and upset.  To make matters worse, his self-esteem was affected and he began to think of himself as  “stupid”.

When a good friend heard us discussing our concerns he suggested that we should have him tested for dyslexia.  After extensive testing Dr Maz provided us with a comprehensive report. Although we have never liked the idea of our child being ”labelled” it was actually a reassurance to know that he had dyslexia and dyspraxia; this helped to explain why despite his high IQ, there was a disparity between his coursework marks and timed assessment results.

We shared the report with his school.  They were impressed with the detail and recommendations in the report but at the same time they were surprised that our son’s learning profile included dyspraxia, given his natural athleticism.  The school undertook to monitor his performance over the coming months and to test the hypotheses laid out in the report.  After three months, his teachers unanimously agreed with the findings of the report and Access Arrangements were put into place.  The report recommendations have been used to develop a programme of support to enable him to do his best and to work around his specific learning difficulties.

We are really pleased to say that within a short time he really got his bounce back.  It meant a lot to him to know that there was a reason for his difficulties and that he could use a variety of techniques to overcome them. He is now much happier now at school and is making great progress.

A huge heartfelt thank you

Julian Kearney | Parent

We contacted Maz when my daughter was taking her A levels and preparing to go to university.  We were keen to get an up to date assessment of her educational needs in order to find more helpful ways for her to study.  We also wanted to ensure that she would get the best support possible for her specific learning difficulties during her university studies.

Maz made the assessment process as easy as possible.  Although my daughter found it long and challenging, he was very supportive and patient with her and made her feel totally at ease.  The assessment pinpointed my daughter’s areas of strength and weakness and helped us to better understand the nature of her difficulties.  We are hoping that having this information will help our daughter to be clearer about what support she will need during her academic studies including any assistive technology that might be helpful to her.

It was a pleasure to deal with Maz who had been recommended to us.  He provided the necessary assessment reports very promptly and has been accessible and supportive throughout the process.

Nadine Peacock | Parent

Maz is kind and patient. He is very thorough with his explanations and I left the session feeling uplifted and relieved because I understood for the first time what the issues were that affect me. I also liked the fact that he treated me with respect and discussed the possible options to help me put an action plan in place. I was nervous about going to see him due to negative experiences in the past but he put me at ease. I feel much more positive about the future and I would definitely recommend Maz to other people.

Natasha | Student (A-levels)

Since a young age I have been aware of dyslexia, many members of my family have received support for dyslexia during their education and through observing them I adopted many strategies to help with my own struggles. I received my first formal diagnosis at primary school and have had various assessments during my education and work life. All providing a variety of support with different degrees of helpfulness.

I have found dyslexia very frustrating at times. I am a competent, confident woman, who has had senior roles in the public, private and third sectors, yet I find helping my 5 year old with phonetics crippling.  I have never really understood dyslexia and just accepted that for me it makes words muddled, it makes getting what’s in my head on to paper more challenging than many of my peers and that I seem solve problems and puzzles easily.

Twelve years after leaving formal education I started theological training as part of my preparation to become a priest in the Church of England. I was encouraged to go to see Maz in my first term to get an up to date diagnosis. The assessment was thorough and left no stone unturned.  The assessment and following report was eye opening and for the first time helped me understand what dyslexia means to me, what impact that has on my day to day life and the way in which I learn. The recommendations have been implemented, including the use of software, one to one support and I now feel I have an established arsenal of strategies and resources that equip me, to not just get through life, but to thrive.


Rebecca Dyball | Theology Student / Ordinand

After leaving yet another job, having generalised anxiety and attending weekly CBT sessions, I knew it was time to get to the bottom of the problems I was having. I have always thought I might be dyslexic but have put my head in the sand not wanting to think about it too deeply. Working as a drama and singing teacher most recently put a huge strain on me mentally and emotionally. Although I have always had good feedback at work nobody has known about my personal struggle and anxiety.

I spent weeks searching the internet for a company specialising in adult dyslexia testing and was very impressed with the information on the About-dyslexia website. After speaking to Maz on the phone I decided to go ahead with the test.

Maz is a warm and friendly professional who on the day of the test put me at ease straight away. The test was at times challenging and in parts enjoyable. Maz was able to tell me straight after the test that I was dyslexic and since receiving the written report he has been available to answer any further questions I have had.

The advice that Maz has given me in the report with regards to what help and support he recommends for me has been extremely helpful. It has not been easy finding out that I am dyslexic however doing this test has put me on the right path towards getting the help I need in order to have a happier working life.

Stephanie | Teacher

Thank you so much for all your help and support this summer with our son Ross.  Ross has been at University for 2 years and during this time we have seen how he has found his studies there increasingly more difficult to cope with and how this has impacted on him personally.

Ross is 20 years old and when Ross first started school he was slow to learn to read but once Ross could read he got over any initial problems and up until this point has always been confident and although he has had to work hard to achieve success he has always coped with school work and exams.  But since going to University he has found the demands made on him difficult to deal with and thought that this was because the work was too difficult and beyond his abilities rather than there being a reason why he was having trouble coping.  Like many young people instead of asking for help he tried to struggle on but deep down he knew something wasn’t right.

In Ross’s words

“Ever since I was young I have struggled in a way in which I cannot quantify, whether that be the time it took me to learn to ride a bike or the troubles I had with everyday organization.  I thought all this was just me and I could put strategies in place to deal with these issues.  While at University these troubles intensified to the point where I felt that I really needed answers.  I always felt I was good at English and although not great at spelling I found it easy to express myself in writing.  But at University the pace of work needed to keep up to date with coursework meant I found my difficulties slowed my work down, I over complicated work and all of this affected ability to cope and my results reflected this.  I got very frustrated at why I was finding this so difficult and this impacted on me personally.  In the past I had developed strategies but they did not help me deal with my studies now.  I became very stressed and anxious.

By the end of my second year I realized I needed to face these issues and the first step was to see if I really did have a learning difficulty that may be affecting my ability to achieve what I thought I was capable of.  I had always wondered if I was dyslexic due to my poor spelling and trouble with grammar.  The breakthrough was once I was professional assessed.  The minute I came into contact with Maz I felt he understood me and answered my questions.  I got the diagnosis of dyspraxia and after reading the report and since increasing my knowledge of dyspraxia I now realize I wasn’t struggling because I was not clever enough to do a degree I just needed specialized help to give me the tools and strategies I need to enable me to develop skills that will mean I can carry on with my studies.  I was considering quitting University but with the help from Maz I now feel fully confident in carrying on with my goal to achieve a degree in English Literature.

This experience has also taught me not to doubt myself and if I feel something isn’t right not to just struggle on, but do something about it.”

Maz, your intervention has helped all of us a great deal.  I can see a change in Ross, he is much more positive about being able to tackle his difficulties and your help with the University, giving advice on the right support for Ross is invaluable, thank you for your kindness and always being there to answer our concerns.  Without your help Ross would have struggled on and not have reached his full potential.  We feel now he can move forward and your advice will guide him for the rest of his life.  We cannot thank you enough.

Ross Williams (student), Leigh Williams (mother) and Mark Williams (father) | University Student (and comments from his parents)

I was advised to seek Maz’s help after approaching the disability officer at the university where I worked.  I was having difficulty with a few things that were preventing me from progressing in my career and, having a small family, I wanted to rectify these in order to move on. My main difficulty was my poor memory. I was having difficulties in concentrating during meetings and going about my normal duties.  I struggled to find the right words during conversations and when offering my opinions in meetings.  Also, reading aloud was becoming increasingly difficult as well. I have been experiencing these problems for as long as I can remember but with the stresses that small families bring, these symptoms began to really get in the way of having a good family life.  Moreover, as I said, I wanted to acknowledge these problems and start fixing them.

Maz was an excellent assessor and counsellor. The tests that he put me through were difficult and long but they were really worth doing; the outcome most interesting and answered a lot of questions.  They explained why I have found working so difficult for most of my life.  I have managed to reach the level of senior lecturer at a university but it has been a real struggle to get here and almost impossible to move forward from this point due to the nature of the work I am involved in.

The report in particular was really well set out and explained why I was having all the difficulties I described previously and went further to address issues I was only partly aware of.  The assessment Maz put me through identified three things that I have, Dyspraxia, ADHD and a small amount of dyslexia.  The breaking of this news to me was a shock to the system.  However, over the past month, and through Maz’s clear explanation and professional advice, I am coming to terms and I am currently re-organising my life and my approach to the things I find challenging. I am finding new strategies, I am becoming more organised and focused.  My ADHD will need more attention and have begun the process of finding a psychiatrist as suggested by Maz.

The road ahead is a lot clearer for me now.  Maz has been excellent in guiding me and I would certainly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to me.

Ed Collins | Senior Lecturer

“It had not even occurred to me that I might be dyslexic. Recent exams and experiences at work had made me increasing frustrated and stressed, because no matter how hard I worked, I could not improve my productivity.

Maz’s friendly, professional approach provided me with insight as to how I process information. Maz explained why, in spite of being quite able, I find some tasks especially challenging. The diagnosis of dyslexia resonated positively. It has empowered me to start putting past experiences into context, and to plan for making the most of my future.

I recommend Maz at about-dyslexia to anyone who is frustrated by their underachievement and wishes to make a change for the better.”

Andy Rawlings | Pharmacist

Our family is expressing our greatest and sincere gratitude to Dr. Maz for his kind attention and highly professional support provided during Nikola’s dyslexia assessment.

Considering that my son’s dyslexia difficulties were diagnosed and analyzed at a relatively late stage (he is 17 years old), Dr. Maz’s highly professional attitude in sharing experience and guidance on strategies to overcome the dyslexia difficulties was extremely appreciated and valuable.

After completing the full assessment with Dr. Maz, we finally have a tailored, precise and factual details on the areas to focus in overcoming the dyslexia difficulties and request appropriate support at the university represented in technologies and additional time.

Thank you once again Dr. Maz.


Lutchia Kaneva | Parent

I went to see Maz after he was recommended to me by Dr Anita Jackson.  Dr Jackson had assessed me as a child but I needed an updated adult assessment as I was now over 16 years old.  Maz was patient in the way in which the way he explained things, but I still found some of the assessment quite challenging. The best thing about getting assessed was that it helped me to understand my strengths and talents. After my GCSEs, I started studying A-Levels but realised that the structure of the course was not suited to my skills.  I changed courses and I am now studying towards a BTEC level 3 in Hospitality because the BTEC helps me to exploit my strengths.


Victoria Priestland | Student

Maz and Joanna from about-dyslexia have provided a professional educational psychology service to Loughborough University for over ten years. Our students report that they value the friendly and professional service they receive during their assessment. Appointments are dealt with in a sensitive and efficient manner which is appreciated by our administration team. The clarity of the reports make them easy for students and staff to utilise, so that students can be supported effectively during their course. I am happy to recommend about-dyslexia educational psychology services without reservation.


Natalie McKeown | Dyslexia Support Advisor, Loughborough University

The assessment and the subsequent diagnosis of dyslexia have been quite remarkable for my personal and professional life.

Most surprisingly for me, I left the assessment with a spring in my step. I gained a new sense of confidence from it which I now attribute to being able to better understand where my strengths lay.

I had long suspected that I was a dyslexic as I had demonstrated symptoms as a child. However, I had put off a diagnosis and as an adult as I was afraid of being labelled as” unable.” I wanted to distance myself from the negative connotations I feared would accompany he label. I felt I would feel weaker than a non-dyslexic when it came to certain tasks. What I had failed to appreciate was my strengths. Furthermore, some of my strengths were directly attributable to being dyslexic.

Through recognition of my profile I have been able to shape my work life. This has varied from using organizational techniques where I am traditionally weaker to taking on more responsibility with numerical and reasoning based challenges where I am stronger. In doing so I have seen a marked positive change in the level of recognition I have received in the workplace.

Ultimately, the assessment is as much about showing, and thereby empowering, the individual as to where they are able as to identifying where one is less able. The results of the assessment enabled me to better understand myself and in doing so have given me confidence. It is the confidence I have taken away with me which has proven to be the most valuable part of the process.

I would also like to share some observations about the assessment process

I found the assessment process with Maz to be highly transparent, friendly and professional. He talked me through all of the procedures of the day, providing clear descriptions of the different tests we would be carrying out. I felt at ease throughout the experience. Furthermore, following the assessment Maz kindly wrote me a referral for an American examination board which required additional paperwork to be completed.

I would not hesitate in highly recommending Maz for the excellent services he provides.

W. Cuss | Assurance (Financial Services)

My Dyslexia has hampered me all my life.  I have never had a proper assessment and struggled at the best of times though school and work life.

Maz did a full assessment for me I was made to feel relaxed and calm.  Above all I did not feel stupid.  The assessment was quite challenging as it showed my weaknesses and highlighted things that I had taught myself to hide.  At the end of the test I was told that I was dyslexic.  It was a very emotional moment for me.  It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me.

Since the test I have managed to gain help though a government scheme called Access to Work.  They have provided me with software and admin assistance to help me to run my business more effectively.  But above all I think the most important thing for me was to understand that I am Dyslexic and this makes me think differently.  I now recognise my strengths and my weaknesses. It means I can ask for help to learn how to manage the tasks that I find difficult.  A big thank you to Maz for all his help and his kind and professional manner.

Stewart Bishop | Managing Director

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