Free apps to improve productivity

Did you know that there are a number of free apps to help improve productivity in the workplace and when studying.  Now is the time to harness the power of communication technology to make life easier.  There are many different styles which appeal to different people but a quick review has revealed some that may be of particular interest to people with dyslexia or associated SPLD.   All the apps listed below include a free version but to harness advanced functions there may be a charge.

Note taking

Supernotes and Lecture Capture are available on iPhone and iPlayer and can be used to record lectures or meetings, add notes, photos and memos to the recording.  This gives you the chance to listen again at your own pace to ensure that you have missed nothing.

Recorder for Windows 8 phone, the free version has all functions but contains adverts, upgrade to paid version to avoid the ads.


RefME makes referencing easy, scan a book, journal or website by the barcode, title or URL and choose the reference style wanted.   When appropriate you can use your phone camera to scan the barcode.  It is possible to add notes to the reference.

Revision and memorising key facts

Study Blue creates flashcards easily this app is good for revision and assisting learning.  Create flashcards which you keep on your phone so that you can track progress and quiz yourself wherever you are.

Organisation and time management  is a list and task manager free to download with a paid upgrade option.  Helps to organise your life by enabling you to keep everyday tasks, lists and to organise projects.  User reviews describe the app as simple and easy to use.

Wunderlist is free to download and use.  It also enables you to create and share lists and record tasks that need to be done.  Projects can be organised and reminders set so that deadlines are not missed and this makes it easier to manage your time and your workload.

Focus booster app enables you to organise your work more efficiently and to improve the quality of your work.   By dividing your time into manageable chunks it helps you to maintain focus and avoid distractions so that work time becomes more effective.  Free trial available.


Did you also know that you may be eligible for funding from Student Finance England or Access to Work to pay for assistive software  To find out if your learning profile meets the criteria for such support, or to share your own thoughts about assistive software,  contact or telephone 01992 589159

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