Jo Malone; another highly successful entrepreneurial dyslexic

Jo Malone, the entrepreneur behind the world famous perfume business was interviewed by Graham Norton on BBC Radio two on Saturday 1st October.  She has published a book about her life story which will inspire many dyslexics.  Jo Malone, in case you didn’t know, is also dyslexic.

Her business started with four plastic jugs and a kitchen sink and grew to become a world-wide, highly sought after brand which she eventually sold to Estée Lauder.  She left school at 15 and began doing whatever she could to raise money for her family.  She talked about her powerful sense of smell and how she did not realise that this was something that other people did not share.  Her sense of smell turned out to be her distinguishing talent and led to her phenomenal success.  She said that dyslexia did not hold her back, rather, as a dyslexic, she did things differently and that gave her an edge.

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