Stupid Me – A play about Dyslexia

I recently met two fabulous people called Matt and Jenna.  They have set up a theatre company called TWAS Theatre and they are looking to promote a play called “Stupid Me”, written by Alec Clements.  It tells the story of a JJ, a student with dyslexia.  Matt and Jenna want to take their production to secondary schools and as they are based in Colchester, their initial target in schools in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire.  I want to help these guys to promote their play as I think it contains some very important messages.  Matt himself was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 22 and he is extremely passionate about producing a play that allows students to see a theatrical presentation of what it feels like to have dyslexia.  Matt, Jenna and Alec clearly understand that dyslexia is misunderstood in society and in education.  They want to play their part in helping everyone to get a better understanding of what it is really like to be dyslexic.

Whether you a teacher, SENCo, parent or student, this play has appeal.  It’s in everyone’s interest to gain a better understanding about dyslexia.  Stupid me allows the audience an insight into JJ’s life and how dyslexia pervades into all aspects of his life, not just in school.  The play aims to give strength and confidence to those who have dyslexia.  It aims to raise awareness and promote knowledge.  It deserves our support.  They have prepared a short YouTube video about their work.   You can view it on

If you have any contacts or suggestions on how Matt and Jenna can get more schools to support the project, please do not hesitate to get in contact.  You can either call About Dyslexia on 01992 589 159 or email  You can also contact TWAS Theatre directly on

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