Roger Makepeace BA, MSc, PhD, D Clin Psy, PgDip, AFBPss

Chartered Psychologist, HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

Roger has worked as a psychologist in employment, educational and health care sectors for over
20 years. He currently works in the North East of England and Scotland where he provides
assessment services to colleges and universities for students with a range of specific learning
difficulties, including dyslexia. He also delivers work based psychological assessments and high
quality reports designed to help individuals at work and their employers get the best from each
other. More recently, Roger has designed a range of high quality mental heath awareness
workshops for employers in response to the COVID pandemic. He is able to deliver these flexibly
throughout the UK.
Roger is currently completing a Sport & Exercise Psychology Masters programme, is a keen
triathlete and active children’s coach within British Triathlon. He is a firm believer in the value of
exercise and good communication in successfully addressing mental health issues.

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