What are the myths about dyslexia?

20th August 2015

Dyslexia affects adults and children yet the range of support services for adults has always been limited.   However, dyslexia is often a misunderstood condition.   One myth about dyslexia is that it is just a difficulty with reading and spelling.  Whilst some dyslexics do have difficulty with reading and spelling, the underlying condition is really about information processing.  People with dyslexia might also experience difficulties with attention, memory, concentration.   They might be able to read well but have problems taking in meaning.  They might find it hard to transfer their thoughts onto paper.  In spite of these difficulties, dyslexics often have many talents.  They think outside of the box and are often very creative.  Do you think you might be such a person? Do you have talents that are not fully realised?

The Dyslexia Adult Network (DAN) has been founded to increase the awareness of the impact of dyslexia and related conditions on adults.

DAN is made up of representatives of the major dyslexia charities and of specialists, including adults with dyslexia.  The organisation wants to eradicate the many myths that circulate about dyslexia.   It also wants to draw attention to the waste of potential (arising from inadequate education and lack of good support) which impacts everyone.

DAN held its first meeting in 2012.  Its members include

Adult Dyslexia Organisation
British Dyslexia Association
Dyslexia Action
Dyslexia Foundation
Dyslexia Scotland
Dyspraxia Foundation

Do you think you might be dyslexic?  Do you know someone that has difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, concentration or memory?  Dyslexia is not related to intelligence.  Albert Einstein was thought to be dyslexic!   If you think you might be affected by dyslexia or a related Specific Learning Difficulty, and you want to unlock your full potential, why not get in touch with About Dyslexia for a free initial consultation.  Let us help you to unlock your full potential.  Call today on 01992 589 159 or look at our website http://www.about-dyslexia.co.uk.

You might also be interested to know that The Dyslexia Adult Network has launched a competition to create a logo.  Is one of your talents art?  If so, you might want to enter their competition.  To enter, submit your idea on A4 paper or a pdf document together with a 200 word description of the meaning behind the logo design.  Entries should be submitted to admin@bdadyslexia.org.uk or to Dyslexia Adult Network, c/0 BDA, Unit 8, Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane, Bracknell RG12 7BN.  Full details are on the website http://dan-uk.co.uk/logo-competition.

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